Survey Types

Survey Types

What ? Intervention at each stage of product or services development:

* Concept development
* Product launches
* Product positioning : product decision tree, added value, packaging testing
* Communication : creating, advertising campaigns pre- & post-testing, mobile apps for tablet testing
* Marketing mix consistency
* Store remodeling: pre- and post-testing
* Branding : positioning, brand architecture, brand stretching
* Market understanding : market structure & competition, insights generation
* Segmentation & targeting : ethnography, drivers, barriers & unmet needs identification

How ? In-depth face-to-face interviews, duos, trios – Focus groups - blogs & diaries

Where ? At home,at work, central location,in the shop


Astrid proved to be a genuinely profound searcher, looking for the truth behind what people obviously tell in interviews and during group sessions. She acquired an extensive know-how and knowledge in healthcare research, necessary to make this type of project a success. Empathic interviewing and strong analytical skills combined with extensive experience in methodologies and research processes are part of her personal achievements.
Rolf Verlinden, formerly CEO of Keystone Network

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